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Welcome to Kandan Alloys  

Kandan is a growing name in Lead Recycling & Process industries of India. The company is promoted to Manufacture Remelted Lead and Lead sub-oxide. In order to make the best quality lead available and to conserve the already limited, constantly depleting natural resources of lead metal to protect the environment.

We work primary but Professionally.
• When it comes to choosing the right solution, only one company can lead you to Success and that's KANDAN
• At KANDAN we strive harder to provide with best of the technologies and services to our clients. Their success is a key measure of our success.
• KANDAN works on laser focus principle of exceeding its customer's expectations.
• KANDAN Success stories makes remarkable difference and keeps competition away.
• Visionary Insight is the key driver of KANDAN's business model.
• KANDAN has been trusted by customers worldwide.

Kandan firmly believes in Teamwork
"The success of a company depends on its workforce." It is not the gun but the man behind the gun who is responsible for victory. Dedication and sincerity come only when the employees feel that the company cares for them. With this in view, Kandan takes the utmost care of its employees to marshal them into a dedicated task-force. Our Team collaboration and full participation make us stronger and allow us to serve clients better.

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